Dental crowns or dental caps allow us to rehabilitate very fragile teeth such as teeth with root canals, broken teeth or with restorations of more than 50% of the surface (where the dental inlay is not sufficient), … and they need reinforcement to prevent future fractures.

The crown is a fixed dental prosthesis that is custom-made for each patient. Therefore, the manufacturing process of the crown is totally personalized.

Advantages of dental crowns

The dental crown as a conservative dentistry treatment offers several advantages to patients.

  • It allows the appearance of the original tooth to be maintained
  • As it is cemented, it strengthens the teeth on which it is to be placed
  • It is fixed, so the patient does not have to remove it to clean it after meals
  • It is a painless treatment as it is performed under local anesthesia during the treatment.
  • The placement time is usually fast, approximately one to two weeks.

Types of dental crowns:

There are currently various types of materials available for making dental crowns or caps.

  • Porcelain crowns. Perfect for achieving very esthetic results in restorations of anterior teeth.
  • Zirconium crowns. It is a more resistant material, light, easy to maintain, anti-allergic and can be combined with porcelain for a more esthetic result.
  • Metal-porcelain crowns. They are a good option for reconstructing molars as they are resistant, but over time the metal usually shows at the level of the gums.
  • Metal crowns. Crowns made of gold, palladium or chromium alloys today are hardly used in conservative dentistry with dental crowns.

Problems with dental crowns:

  • Movement or dropping of the sleeve. It can happen that the crown detaches and moves or even falls off. In both cases it is necessary to go to the dentist to reposition it.
  • Allergy. Today it is difficult to occur, thanks to products such as zirconium which is hypoallergenic.
  • Dental sensitivity. It is rare, but discomfort may occur when touching hot or cold things.
  • Dental sensitivity.