Dental fillings or colloquially “dental fillings” are a simple but effective treatment to correct and prevent further destruction of a decaying tooth. Along with our other cosmetic dentistry procedures, fillings can also be used to correct cosmetic defects in teeth.

teeth. Every filling we perform is held to our impeccable quality standards, ensuring that your treatment is durable, comfortable, and virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

We strive to educate our patients about all the treatment options available to them. Our team members take the time to listen to any concerns our patients may have during their initial consultations. We believe that well-informed patients are less likely to experience pre-treatment anxiety and benefit from greater overall satisfaction.

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Tooth-colored fillings

Many patients prefer tooth-colored fillings to traditional fillings because of their ability to blend in almost seamlessly with natural tooth structures. This type of composite resin filling not only provides greater aesthetic appeal than traditional silver amalgam fillings, but also allows for less of the tooth to be removed prior to application, minimizing risk and maximizing strength and durability. In addition, composite resin behaves similarly to natural tooth material, expanding and contracting at various temperatures in the same manner, and chemically bonds to teeth to provide a long-lasting bond.

Other types of fillings

In addition to composite resin fillings, our office offers metal fillings that have traditionally found widespread use in restorative dentistry practices. These amalgam fillings are extremely effective in protecting compromised teeth.

The Procedure

We take every measure available to ensure the total comfort of our patients when receiving fillings at our Boston practice. In addition to providing a welcoming and relaxing office environment, we offer our patients a nearly pain-free experience by applying a local anesthetic to the tooth and surrounding gum tissue.

To ensure that only the healthy tooth is covered, as well as to provide adequate space for the filling, a small amount of decayed matter must be removed. Once the tooth has been thoroughly cleaned of bacteria, a layer of composite resin is placed over the tooth. Once the resin has hardened, the filling is filed and polished to achieve an optimal shape and texture. Because we use the highest quality materials, we can minimize the risk of the filling fracturing prematurely.

Benefits of dental fillings

Fillings can be used to improve the aesthetic appeal of a tooth while protecting it from further decay and destruction. Our high-quality materials are designed for longevity and ease of use, so your filling will serve as a protective layer for years to come. In general, fillings improve the oral health of patients who have compromised teeth, whatever the cause.

Are you a candidate for dental fillings?

Fillings are an appropriate treatment option for patients who have teeth with minor structural problems. In cases of extensive structural damage, our dentists may recommend other restorations such as resin or porcelain inlays or dental crowns.

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