Dental implants in the esthetic zone are those that are performed in the most visible part of the mouth, the part that we show when we smile, usually incisors, canines and premolars, to ensure the beauty and health of your smile.

The placement of dental implants in the esthetic zone is a painless method that is performed under local anesthesia and is indicated whether you are missing one or more teeth.

The main objective of dental implants in the esthetic zone is to achieve a perfect integration with the adjacent teeth and the gum surrounding the implant to achieve a perfect smile.

The benefits of these dental implants are multiple. In addition to regaining confidence, you will be able to eat without pain in a natural way and bone loss and wear of other pieces produced by the lack of a tooth is avoided.

On many occasions, when placing dental implants in the anterior area of the mouth, it is necessary to place a mucosal and bone graft to thicken the amount of peri-implant tissue and ensure good healing around the implant to avoid the risk of peri-implantitis with the darkened gum ridge.

Pre-planning of implants in the esthetic zone with our 3D scanner is essential to try to anticipate these undesirable mishaps.

As specialists in dental implants in Barcelona, at Raslan Dental Clinic we use the most advanced techniques to offer the best results such as guided surgery, a technique for placing dental implants that is less invasive and improves the postoperative period of patients.

Guided surgery allows dental implants to be placed in the exact location of the dental arch. Thanks to the 3D technology we work with, we are able to replicate the patient’s jawbone and teeth in our computer. After this planning, a splint is created that serves as a guide to know the exact point in which to place the dental implant.

  • More precise than traditional methods
  • The incision is minimal
  • The postoperative period is much more bearable
  • The time of the intervention is much shorter than with traditional methods.