The oral rehabilitation treatment allows the recovery of the complete denture without the need to use a complete removable prosthesis during the months of healing of the implants.

Unlike other treatments, full denture rehabilitation is about fixing complete arches. Here we do not fix tooth by tooth, but work on all the teeth of the maxillary arch (above), the jaw (below) or even both arches.

Since all the teeth are extracted, the dentist has the entire alveolar ridge of the jaw at his disposal, so he can select those areas with the greatest amount of bone to insert the implants.

The complete provisional prosthesis joins all the dental implants together, which allows the loads to be distributed among all the implants during the healing process. This minimizes the load applied to each of the implants to achieve an optimal result.

The All on 4 and All on 6 implant techniques allow people who suffer a total or partial loss of teeth to have a full-arch dental prosthesis fixed on four dental implants, in the case of All on Four, or six, in All on Six, on the same day of the intervention.

Advantages of complete oral rehabilitation.