At Raslan Dental Clinic, we can replace your teeth with dental implants in one day. As experts in dental implants in Barcelona, in the same session, we extract the tooth, place the implant and a provisional prosthesis on it after surgery or a maximum of 48 hours.

The great advantage of quick loading implants or implants in one day is that they allow you to leave the office with new teeth that same day.

Immediate implants can be placed both in patients who need to replace one or more teeth and in those who have lost several teeth some time ago and have a removable prosthesis retained by some teeth; in this case we extract these teeth and place the necessary implants to replace them.

The predictability, result and efficiency of immediate load implants is similar to the traditional technique, as long as the patient has enough bone of optimum quality to be able to fix the implant with stability and firmness to your jawbone.

It is also important to control habits that may condition the correct healing of the implant, such as bruxism or smoking.

5 advantages of dental implants in one day

  • The treatment is simple, the implants necessary for a complete arch are placed or a single dental implant when it is a single tooth to be replaced.

  • They are fixed teeth, provisionally installed to ensure a good osseointegration, until the definitive prosthesis can be placed after 3-6 months.

  • You enjoy good masticatory function immediately, as you do not have to use removable prostheses during the 6 to 8 weeks that the osseointegration process lasts.

  • The price difference compared to traditional implants is minimal.

  • You greatly improve your quality of life by regaining your bite and a beautiful smile sooner.

As specialists in dental implants in Barcelona, at Raslan Dental Clinic we use the most advanced techniques to offer the best results such as guided surgery, a technique for placing dental implants that is less invasive and improves the postoperative period of patients.

Guided surgery allows dental implants to be placed in the exact location of the dental arch. Thanks to the 3D technology we work with, we are able to replicate the patient’s jawbone and teeth in our computer. After this planning, a splint is created that serves as a guide to know the exact point in which to place the dental implant.

  • More precise than traditional methods
  • The incision is minimal
  • The postoperative period is much more bearable
  • The intervention time is shorter than with traditional methods
  • The time of the intervention is much shorter than with traditional methods.