Short dental implants are ideal for patients with limited maxillary bone availability, since they reduce the difficulty, duration, possible problems and cost of the treatment.

These dental implants are shorter than traditional implants (measuring between 4 and 8.5 mm) and are therefore indicated in cases where the alveolar nerve is 5 or 6 mm from the bone surface.

They maximize the possibilities of dental implant placement and minimize the need to resort to bone grafting procedures, thus reducing healing time and the cost of bone grafting techniques.

Short implants are particularly indicated in the posterior mandibular area, where bone augmentation techniques involve a higher risk of severe complications such as injury to the nerve responsible for lip sensitivity.

Or when it comes to solving a case of sensitive lack of bone in the maxilla with a very dilated sinus, as the alternative of choice to sinus elevation.

By avoiding this more complex surgery, the duration of treatment is similar to that of conventional implants, about three months, compared to the nine months involved in the placement of bone grafts.

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