Endodontics is the specialty of dentistry that treats inflammation or infection of the pulp (nerve), in order to keep the tooth in the mouth.

Due to different causes such as trauma, malformations, dental wear, or untreated deep cavities, the nerve is affected and becomes inflamed or infected. If we do not treat it in time it can even affect the bone surrounding the tooth.

Endodontics is a treatment performed under the effect of local anesthetics, which consists of removing the inflamed tissue, cleaning and shaping the root canals, for subsequent sealing and finally a good reconstruction of the tooth.

After root canal treatment, as patients we may experience some discomfort due to inflammation of the tissue surrounding the tooth. The Dr. / Dr. specialist will prescribe the necessary medication depending on the case.

In the case of endodontic treatment, we must take into account that endodontically treated teeth usually present very large cavities with considerable destruction of tooth structure and that, for this reason, in many cases, they have a very high risk of decay.

If you have spontaneous pain, hot or cold pain, biting pain or continuous severe pain, you may need to visit us for an accurate diagnosis and correct treatment.

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