Periodontal plastic surgery seeks to solve different problems to improve a person’s smile.

Cosmetic crown lengthening may be the solution for you if you feel your teeth appear too short due to excess or uneven gum tissue (sometimes called “gummy smile”) that makes the teeth appear smaller or different in size.

With comprehensive planning, excess gum tissue is surgically removed.

The gum line will be sculpted to give your new smile the proper appearance. The result of this simple and effective periodontal procedure is a transformation of your smile.

Crown lengthening is a procedure designed to reshape the gums at the base of the desired tooth or teeth. Just as the name sounds, the purpose is to expose additional tooth surface to enhance the appearance of your smile.

Main crown lengthening treatments

There are teeth that require crown lengthening as part of the restorative procedure.

The most common periodontal problem that requires crown lengthening is severe tooth decay, where the decay extends below the gum line.

  • Another common problem is when a tooth fractures and breaks below the existing gum line.
  • When it is necessary to renew a dental cap or bridge because the margins of these are already below the gum line.
  • When it is necessary to renew a dental cap or bridge because the margins of these are already below the gum.
  • When the tooth or teeth have root resorption.
  • When the gum line is irregular or too low and the teeth appear different sizes or too small.
  • Crown lengthening is usually the step prior to tooth reconstruction.

The procedure involves removing some of the gum tissue (including bone, if necessary) under local anesthesia. Once this is done, the dentist only has to clean and close the wound.

The postoperative period after a crown lengthening is not excessively painful or uncomfortable, although it is common to have some swelling and pain in the affected area during the following days, when the stitches are removed.

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