Removable prostheses

As the name suggests, they are those that we can put in and take out of our mouth.

A removable dental prosthesis is formed by a metal structure with several artificial teeth fixed on its sides, which is anchored to the teeth that the patient still retains with metal fasteners (skeletal prostheses).

Removable prostheses are mainly used to rehabilitate the upper arch dentition. For this reason, its structure is usually covered by a piece of softer pink plastic, which reduces the discomfort on the palate.

Their great disadvantage is their esthetics, since, by using the aforementioned hooks and their metallic structure, they are perceptible to the naked eye.

Currently, acrylic prostheses are widely used. Unlike skeletal dentures, they are made of a lighter acrylic material. This makes them less heavy and more esthetic, however, they are not as resistant.